Finding solutions – by improvising!

The Annapurna mountain range at sunset / Photo by Helinä Piik
The Annapurna mountain range at sunset / Photo by Helinä Piik

There has been a slight hiccup with the first pilot event in Birgunj, Nepal. Due to the unrest in the area, the officials have enforced a curfew. Under these conditions, it is not possible to organize the event in its current format.

However, Better World Events is based on seeing solutions when surrounded by problems, bringing forward ideas instead of challenges. With the support of the hard-working partner organizations in Birgunj, Better World Events will be recording ideas presented by people living in the area.

Lots of improvisation and patience is required, but this is what pilot events are for: testing the format, seeing what might go wrong – and what needs to be rethought.

Also, the pilots are organized to test what does work. With the Birgunj event, we have been working with two great partner organizations: Sano Paila and Sanskriti.

Sano Paila (‘A Little Step’) aims to improve the lives of rural communities through positive change and diverse projects, ranging from youth empowerment and addiction treatment to educational initiatives, health improvement and anti-child trafficking. More about Sano Paila:

Sanskriti (‘Culture’) acts as a junction for creative youth by energizing activities, such as art, photography, music, literature and films. More about Sanskriti:

The bar has been set high when it comes to finding partner organizations!

Greetings from Kathmandu,


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