Ideas from burning Birgunj

Birgunj is an important town of industry and trade, thanks to closeness to the Indian border. Strongly affected by the country’s dissatisfaction with the new constitution and the following strikes, violent protests and daily curfews, organizing an event at Birgunj required some improvising.

Our local partner organizations worked hard on making the event happen: Sanskriti with their amazing production team and Sano Paila by providing us with a venue and by reaching out to people with ideas – and so much more!

Recording the ideas in Birgunj, Nepal. Photo by Sudeep Shakya.
Recording ideas in Birgunj, Nepal / Photo by Sudeep Shakya (Sanskriti) 

Organizing the very first Better World Events pilot in a town where, just some hours earlier, the streets had been burning, was not easy. It taught us a lot, that’s for sure. The lessons learned will help make the next events much better.

When people come together for a good cause, even the biggest challenges can be overcome. Thank you, Birgunj, until next time!

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