Sneak peek at videos at TBLI Conference

The ideas presented during our pilot events in Nepal will be presented at a conference on sustainable investing next week. The hundreds of conference participants will have a unique opportunity to watch the videos and discuss the Better World Events initiative during two days in Zurich.

Robert Rubinstein, a pioneer in matching sustainable values with financial gain, has created Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI), a concept which benefits both the environment, the society and the investor. The people and organizations committed to sustainable investing will get together for the TBLI Conference Europe 2015 on Nov 19-20.

Traveling from Geneva to Zurich by train. Photo by Nairit Sur.
Traveling from Geneva to Zurich by train / Photo by Nairit Sur

In addition to getting the word out, we will be interested in hearing what people in the financial sector think about Better World Events: their feedback is crucial and will surely help mold the concept.

We would like to thank Robert for giving us this opportunity, looking forward to seeing you in Zurich!

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