From ideas to action

22 brave people participated in our pilot events in Birgunj and Kathmandu. Their ideas were recorded and will be presented at the TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE this week. Later on, we will do our best to match these ideas with organizations that have the resources to make them a reality.


The topics of the ideas are varied but have one thing in common: they are all presented by very enthusiastic people. This energy is vital to pushing forward; without the passion and motivation of people, there is no driving force.

The pilot events were possible only thanks to our strong partners in Nepal: Sanskriti, Sano Paila and Star Holdings. In Birgunj, Sanskriti and Sano Paila work actively in the community through various projects (see blog post from Nov 9). In Kathmandu, Sano Paila contributes to the rehabilitation of victims of child trafficking, which requires tireless balancing between the government, the children, their families and many other stakeholders.

Star Holdings Pvt. Ltd. provided us with the facilities to organize an event in Kathmandu, Saurav Shrestha was a most gracious host to us.

We hope to return to Nepal very soon!

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