Bringing in the passion

A vision, a dream turning into reality, requires lots of hard work – and someone who is driven by passion.

Better World Events was created based on my experiences and ideas. The road up to this point has been long, but every bump, every hill, every twist and turn, they have all been important in making me who I am today.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, I studied communications and social psychology at the University of Helsinki, and have always worked in the field of communications, public relations, journalism and event management. I thrive when I get to help and support others through my work. After a 10-year personal relationship came to an end in 2011, I decided to fulfill my life-long dream and move abroad.

In Seattle, admiring the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks / Photo by Trevis Alleyne

A small, Geneva-based NGO hired me to do communications related to its activities in the field of health. After this, I worked for a PR agency, again in the health domain. Then in 2014, another important personal relationship came to an abrupt end – but I also embarked on a new journey at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

At CERN, I participated in organizing TEDxCERN, an international event featuring speakers with different scientific interests, hundreds of audience members, and dozens upon dozens of volunteers. An event of such magnitude required months of team work, sleepless nights and skipped meals – but the end result was awesome, I still feel very lucky to have had the chance to be a part of this experience.

After finishing my work at CERN, I left Geneva. I spent the winter and early spring in Finland, Nepal and the US, looking for My Next Big Thing. I pushed and pushed, and looked and looked, but nothing felt right. Then finally, I realized that this dream job of mine does not exist – so I have to create it myself!

This was the starting point for Better World Events. Things started falling into place, fast. I knew that creating an NGO would be very challenging, but that was part of the allure. It had to be something big, something challenging, something cool and interesting, and above all, it had to be something that would make the world a better place.

In early summer of 2015, I moved back to Geneva, the European hub for NGOs and international organizations. Since then, Better World Events has been supported by old friends and new ones, coming from different spheres and industries, from all the corners of the world. They believe in the NGO and they believe in me.

Sometimes I jokingly call myself The Adventurous Woman. The work I’m doing is hard and it requires both courage and patience, as well as a strong set of values. When I’m traveling to a new place and about to experience yet another adventure, I am guided by these values. For them, I thank my parents and my siblings.

My mom and my dad taught me how to be truly loving and helpful to others, and how vital it is to understand them, to take into consideration their needs, desires, sorrows. This could not be avoided, as we are a family of 5 children, all born within 7 years. My sister and my 3 brothers were my best friends growing up, and as we are now spread all around the world, I miss them.

Thank you, I carry you with me wherever I go.


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